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Why We Are The Best Fire Damage Restoration Experts in Athens, TN
  • Certified and Highly Trained Restoration Experts
    Certified and Highly Trained Restoration Experts
  • Eco Friendly Service
    Eco Friendly Service
  • Prompt Fire Damage Assessment
    Prompt Fire Damage Assessment
  • Assistance With the Insurance Claims Process
    Assistance With the Insurance Claims Process

Fire Damage Restoration in Athens, TN.

What Sets Apart Restoration 1 of Athens, TN from other Fire and Smoke Damage Companies?

  • Highly Trained and IICRC- Certified Fire Restoration Technicians 
  • 24/7 Emergency Response service
  • Eco-friendly Service
  • Help with Fire Insurance Claims

Restoration 1 Fire Damage Repair

Unfortunately, if your home or business is the victim to fire damage, there is a good chance you are also dealing with smoke damage, and water damage which could lead to mold or mildew damage. It is important to act fast and get a professional out to the property so the process can get started. The sooner it gets started, the sooner you can have your home or business restored.

If you want to fire damage problems in your Athens, TN property, Call Restoration 1 today. Get in touch with us at (423) 920-8311 anytime night or day.

Why Restoration 1 of East Tennessee is your #1 Fire Damage Repair Service

Before any restoration can happen though, the structure needs to be inspected for safety. If your home or business has been involved in a structure fire, then a thorough inspection of the walls, floor, roof, and foundation is extremely important. Once it has been deemed safe by a professional, then the restoration can get underway.

What Should you Replace After a Fire?

HVAC System

If you have central heating and cooling, then most likely there are smoke particles throughout the entire system. Changing the filters will likely not be enough if the unit was on during the fire. Consider having the unit inspected by an HVAC professional. They may recommend having the entire system replaced or restored.


Carpeting will almost always have to be replaced due to fire or smoke damage. The synthetic fibers used in carpeting can cause noxious fumes when burned. Trying to salvage carpet could lead to health risks in the future. Hardwood flooring is very porous and if it is not able to be cleaned with mopping and deodorizing agents, it may need to be refinished or replaced.


If the blaze was large enough and hot enough, it is likely that some of the structural components on the property have been damaged. be sure to have a professional inspect the subfloor and roof framing as well, as these areas are likely unseen from an interior visual inspection.

The Bottom Line

Fire damage restoration is a big job that takes a long time. Our professionals are equipped with the tools, experience, and desire to help you. Restoration 1 of Athens, TN has got your back.

Smoke Damage Restoration

Dealing with smoke damage may be the most valuable service we offer. Unlike with fire damage, where objects are likely completely destroyed and need to be thrown out, items with smoke damage have a good chance of being salvaged. Restoration 1 of Athens, TN is here to help you recover as much as possible.

What to Know Before Restoration Starts

Clean Up Thoroughly

Before any restoration can begin, a thorough examination of the area and items needs to happen. There are a few things we’ll be looking for:


  • Type of fire the smoke came from – When a structure ignites sand burns, it is not just wood that catches fire – plastics, fabrics, chemicals, and other materials are also burned up, leaving the soot acidic and corrosive. Different types of fires call for different restoration methods.


  • Amount of residue and affected area – Depending on the material and location, different areas may call for different methods of restoration and odor removal. It is important to remember that your home or business can still be affected by smoke damage even if it was untouched by flames.


  • Length of time the residue has been present – Areas farther away from the source of the fire will take longer to accumulate residue, and there will be less of it. The amount of corrosion present due to smoke and soot will be a good indication of how long it has been there. this will also help us determine how aggressive we need to be with the restoration effort. The longer acidic residue his present, the more devastating the damage can be. If not dealt with, within weeks items such as upholstery, metal, glass, and porcelain can become eroded and etched by the soot.

How Does Smoke Restoration Work?

There are several different methods used for smoke restoration. The goal here is to remove the particles of smoke that have been embedded in the material.


Proper and ample ventilation will help clear the air and surfaces of smoke particles. But ventilation alone is not the answer as some more porous materials create more surface area for the particles to cling to.


The exact amount of effort needed to clean each surface depends on how much residue is present.

For instance, hardwood floors, which are very porous, may come clean after mopping in deodorizing. But if the floor has been extensively damaged it may call for refinishing or a complete replacement.


Fabrics such as curtains, upholstery, and clothing should be dealt with by a professional. Attempting to clean these items with a normal household vacuum or other seemingly obvious methods may actually cause the smoke particles to become pushed down farther into the fabric, making them harder to remove. Using a washing machine might help remove some the odor and particles, but repeated washing or professional help may be needed.

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Why Choose Restoration 1 of East Tennessee

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