Top Quality Mold Remediation & Inspection Services in Athens, TN

Why We Are The Best Mold Remediation & Inspection Restoration Experts in Athens, TN
  • Certified and Highly Trained Restoration Experts
    Certified and Highly Trained Restoration Experts
  • Eco Friendly Service
    Eco Friendly Service
  • Prompt Mold Infiltration Assessment
    Prompt Mold Infiltration Assessment
  • Assistance With the Insurance Claims Process
    Assistance With the Insurance Claims Process

High Quality Mold Inspection & Remediation Services in Athens, TN.

What Sets Apart Restoration 1 of Athens, TN from other Mold Remediation Companies.

  • Highly Trained and IICRC- Certified Mold Restoration Technicians 24/7 Emergency Response service
  • Eco-friendly Service
  • Help with Mold Insurance Claims`
  • Fast Mold Infiltration Assessment

Restoration 1 Mold Remediation

When excess moisture is present, there are higher chances that mold will grow in your home or

business. Mold grows best in humid conditions, particularly in the confined spaces of your

property. However, prompt attention to prevent mold growth can usually keep the problem

under control. If your home or business has a nasty smell caused by the growing molds, don’t

fret; feel free to get in touch with our technicians at Restoration 1 for top quality mold

remediation services. We are only one call away!

Once our mold remediation team arrives at your property, they will first do a thorough mold

damage assessment to identify the areas that have been affected by the mold. This assessment

includes a detailed check-up on areas behind crawlspaces, ceilings, and appliances, this helps us in eliminating mold growth.

If you want to fix mold growth problems in your Athens, TN property, Call Restoration 1 of for mold removal and remediation service today. Get in touch with us at

(423) 920-8311 anytime night or day.

Why Restoration 1 of East Tennessee is your #1 Mold Remediation Partner

Mold remediation is a complex process that requires a combination of both unique skills and specialized equipment. At Restoration 1 of Athens, Tennessee, we have employed IICRC Certified technicians who use advanced equipment for mold remediation and removal. We are a locally owned and operated property restoration business serving Athens & East, TN area.


Our professional mold remediation and removal teams are considered the best in the restoration industry. We use eco-friendly products to deliver outstanding mold cleaning results.


After we are done with our remediation work, you are going to enjoy a healthy and toxic-free environment again. Do not allow mold growth to ruin your family or business. If you want to remove mold on your property, our mold remediation team will happily be there for you.

Most Common Types of Mold Found in Homes and Businesses

Black Mold

One of the most toxic molds is black mold. Readily identified by its color, toxic mold is dark in color and can result in an array of allergic reactions and health problems. Black mold isn’t poisonous, but the spores released when it grows are!

Green Mold

Green mold is known to cause several allergies and ailments, particularly in sensitive pets, the

elderly and kids. They are typically found on starchy products, like porridge or bread, and are

normally greenish-blue in color.

Yellow Mold

Yellow mold generally consists of a toxic variety of molds and should be handled with care immediately. Touching yellow mold with bare hands, inhaling or eating it is a threat to human health.

White Mold

White mold is predominant in properties that are constructed using high porous materials

where they feed and develop over time. White mold can cause adverse health effects, and thus

it should be removed promptly.

Mold Removal vs. Mold Remediation- What’s the difference?

Mold remediation, mold removal, mold abatement, and mold mitigation are interchangeable terms that mean action taken to fix mold damage. However, mold remediation is the first step in any mold removal task. While mold remediation can assist in stopping mold growth for some time, mold removal stops the problem for good. However, you should call mold remediation professionals to do the job because trying to remove it on your own can lead to severe allergies, especially when you don’t have the right safety gear.


You must use the right chemicals and tools when dealing with mold removal problems.

Mold Cleanup and Odor Removal

Mold growth is predominant in damp regions and is characterized by a musty smell. The affected areas contain mold spores that are known to cause serious respiratory problems. Mold clean-up helps to remove this bad odor from your home or business. After the mold cleanup process, ensure that the affected regions receive proper sunlight and ventilation to get rid of the foul smell.


Mold cleanup is a crucial part of removing the musty odor from your property. If you decide to use chemicals to eliminate the smell, it shall work for a short time, but they will not be effective in the long run. It is advisable to use eco-friendly cleaning products to remove the musty smell without affecting the indoor air quality of your home or business.

Clean Up Thoroughly
Once you have removed all the sources of moisture and ventilated the area thoroughly, it’s time to do a deep clean. For small areas, you can use bleach or mold exterminating products. Always wear protective equipment during the task and dry up everything quickly once you finish cleaning and sanitizing. If mold has affected a larger area, consider hiring a remediation service company!
Banish the Musty Odor
A few steps you can take to clear the last of the musty odor include using a dehumidifier to maintain normal humidity levels, changing the air filters regularly and using an odor absorber.

Potential Health Hazards of Mold in the House

Exposure to moldy and humid environments can have adverse health effects on humans,

ranging from allergic reactions, sinus congestions, eye irritations, and other respiratory severe

health problems. People of all ages are at high risk of contracting such ailments if they reside in moldy environments. However, two factors can increase the severity of health hazard caused by mold:


-Type of mold species

-The health of the person exposed to a moldy environment

 Some Common Symptoms People May Face Include:
  • Stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes, or skin in people sensitive to mold.
  • People with severe allergies or asthma can have even intense reactions, including fever and shortness of breath.
  • People with weakened immunity, such as the ones receiving cancer treatment, are at risk of contracting mold infections.
  • Mold growth also increases the level of mold spores in the environment which, if inhaled continually and for an extended time, may result in asthma, especially in children.

Identifying the Common Causes of Mold Growth

You’ll be surprised to know that nearly all properties have the right combination of attributes to facilitate mold formation.

  • The presence of microscopic mold spores
  • A surface to grow and feed on such as wood, drywall and cotton
  • Oxygen
  • Warmth and darkness
Once moisture — whether from a leak, excessive humidity in the air, or stagnant water — is added to this mix, there begins the mold proliferation. And the potential areas where mold can be a problem will always have poor ventilation as this is necessary for the moisture to stay on! However, knowing common areas of mold growth can help you prevent or defy a mold outbreak

Common Areas to Look for Mold Growth in a House

Mold can grow everywhere, including textiles, carpets, wooden structures and floors, paint, paper, furniture, insulation, and other areas that have been exposed to excess moisture and humidity while remaining without proper ventilation.

Attic Mold Remediation

While most homeowners use the attic to store items, it can also be a good breeding ground for mold. Attic mold is a severe problem in many residential homes throughout East Tennessee. Fortunately, our experienced technicians will make your mold removal process aspainless as possible.

Basement Mold Abatement

If you want to stop basement mold from affecting other areas of your business or home, basement mold abatement is crucial. Restoration 1 of Athens, Tennessee is committed to making your property mold-free within the shortest time possible. 

Crawlspace Treatment

The discovery of mold growth in your crawlspace can strike panic to your family members. Fortunately, you can seal off the crawlspace to stop mold from spreading upwards to the floor of your house. Our certified technicians will first treat the air present and get rid of any mold growth. They will later seal off your crawlspace to stop future mold growth.

Mold in Laundry Rooms

Your laundry room is at a high risk of mold growth because of the excess humidity and moisture obtained from the dryer and washing machine. Mold will grow quickly and quietly in the corners of your laundry room. Our highly-trained mold remediation technicians will make sure they stop mold from expanding to other areas of your laundry room.

Kitchen and Bathroom Mold Remediation

With plumbing, steam, and spills from the shower can make your bathroom or kitchen susceptible to mold growth. Before you realize, the mold will have spread to other areas of the home. Luckily, with our specialized equipment and IICRC-certified technicians, no mold problem is too big for us.

Mold on Walls

Water leaks, excess humidity, and condensation are some of the leading causes of mold growth

in your walls. The type of mold growing on your wall may include black mold, white mold, or

green mold. Eventually, the mold will compromise the structural integrity of your wall if not

removed promptly.

Mold on Wood

Mold in wood is generally caused by lack of proper air circulation and excess humidity.

Condensation on furniture could lead to mold growth, which can spread to other interior parts of the wood. If you want to remove any mold growing in your wooden home now, then do not hesitate to call Restoration 1 of Athens, Tennessee for service.

Restore your property! Don’t allow mold to ruin your business or home any longer. Call

Restoration 1 in East Tennessee at (423) 920-8311 for top quality mold inspection and

remediation services.

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